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SIMTEK Katalog
The new Main Catalog R19DE!
The new main catalog contains SIMTEK tools for highest expectations for the groups simturn (turning), simmill (milling) and simcut (broaching, thread whirling, polygon milling) and represents more than 11.000 standard tools.

For the first time, the new SIMTEK main catalog R19 contains tools with our brand new GRADIUM high performance grades. Further news are the slot milling system simmill H2 and the polygon milling system simcut M6 with six cutting egdes.
GRADIUM-high performance grades:
Made by SIMTEK. Made for you.

A new generation of high performance grades for SIMTEK precision tools: Designed and made by SIMTEK in order to meet highest expectations.

GRADIUM cutting grades stand for an ideal combination of carbide substrate, cutting edge finish and high performance coatings.

They also stand for process reliability and high quality, which is one of the results of adding the coating production to the rest of the manufacturing processes we already do inhouse. This chain of manufacturing processes also provides even shorter production times and logistical advantages.

GRADIUM high performance grades: Made for your success.
simmill H2
Active and easy-to-use clamping system for 3,6 times higher cutting depths (compared to simmill MX) and high process reliability

Very high process reliability and tight axial and radial runout tolerances due to precision ground two-edged indexable cutting inserts in combination with an active and easy-to-use clamping system. The stable clamping system provides up to 3,6 times higher cutting depths compared to simmill MX as of cutting width 1,3 mm.
Polygon Milling with simcut M6
Tight radial runout tolerance, easy-to-use, low net price per cutting edge.

Reduce non-productive time with our brand new tool system simcut M6, designed for polygon milling applications with longitudinal feed. The precision ground six-edged indexable cutting insert provides very high radial runout accuracy without the need to fine-adjust the toolholder when changing cutting inserts. Every cutting insert comes with six precision ground cutting edges at a very low net price per ground cutting edge.
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