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Our headquarters will not be available due to a legal holiday on May 21st. We will be back as of May 22nd.

SIMTEK Grooving and Turning Tools

Internal turning applications

Our high performance tool systems for internal applications, structured by machinable bore diameters:

Bore diameter Tool system
ě 0,3 - 10,0 mm simturn« AX (Alpha-Line)
ě 7,0 - 24,0 mm simturn« DX (Delta-Line)
ě 24,5 - 38,0 mm simturn« H2
ě 38,0 - 60,0 mm simturn« GX (Gamma-Line)
ě 41,0 - 80,0 mm simturn« E3

External turning applications

Our reliable solutions for external turning applications

No. of cutting edges Description Tool system
3 Very efficient and economic system simturn E3
3 Reknown tool system for various applications simturn« E12 (Eta-Line)
2 For higher cutting depths up to 26,0 mm. Very suitable for part-off applications simturn« GX (Gamma-Line)
2 New system with various options simturn« H2
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