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simmill® PX/SX/UX/VX

High performance Groove Milling tools - with 3 or 6 cutting edges

simmill® PX/SX/UX/VX tools are available with 3 or 6 cutting edges.

Durability and performane are parts of both systems. These attributes provide a reliable solution for highest expectations.

The sizes in brief.

Please refer to the catalog for a detailed product insight. This overview provides a quick reference.

Typ PX Typ SX Typ UX Typ VX
3 Cutting Edges
P10, P12
as of ě 10,0 mm
tmax 2,5 mm
S14, S16
as of ě 14,0 mm
tmax 3,5 mm
as of ě 18,0 mm
tmax 3,5 mm
V2*, V3*
as of ě 20,0 mm
tmax 8,5 mm
6 Cutting Edges
as of ě 10,0 mm
tmax 2,0 mm
as of ě 14,0 mm
tmax 2,5 mm
as of ě 18,0 mm
tmax 3,5 mm
as of ě 22,0 mm
tmax 12,0 mm
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