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SIMTEK Katalog
The SIMTEK Main Catalog R16 DE!
Selected highlights from more
than 13,500 tools for highest expectations:
The new innovative “ME”-clamping system* provides force-fitted clamping along with higher precision and stability. Those new toolholders are available in steel as well as in carbide, whereas the carbide toolholders are especially suitable to extend the overall tool reach.

Thanks to adjustable threaded pins, four different types of coolant supply (R, L, R+L or supply through the insert) can individually be realized as required**.

*) German patent No. 10 2014 111 898
**) Registered utility model no. DE 20 2015 101 834.7
Besides the well-known precision and efficiency of SIMTEK, we especially focused on good workpiece surfaces and smooth machining during the development of the new simmill® geometry “GY”.

Thanks to six cross-toothed cutting edges, which work in turns (1/3/5 and 2/4/6), the cutting pressure gets evenly distributed on each cutting edge. This leads to good cutting conditions and surfaces, that speak for themselves.

Convince yourself and test the new simmill® geometry “GY”, which is available in the product groups simmill® PX, SX, UX and VX.
Tool system of three edged indexable carbide insert and disc milling cutters with several insert seats for polygon milling. A range of polygon profiles are machinable with one disc milling cutter by variation of used cutting inserts and transmission ratio.
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