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SIMTEK Grooving and Turning Tools

Internal turning applications

Our high performance tool systems for internal applications, structured by machinable bore diameters:

Bore diameter Tool system
Ø 0,3 - 10,0 mm simturn® AX (Alpha-Line)
Ø 7,0 - 24,0 mm simturn® DX (Delta-Line)
Ø 24,5 - 38,0 mm simturn® H2
Ø 38,0 - 60,0 mm simturn® GX (Gamma-Line)
Ø 41,0 - 80,0 mm simturn® E3

External turning applications

Our reliable solutions for external turning applications

No. of cutting edges Description Tool system
3 Very efficient and economic system simturn E3
3 Reknown tool system for various applications simturn® E12 (Eta-Line)
2 For higher cutting depths up to 26,0 mm. Very suitable for part-off applications simturn® GX (Gamma-Line)
2 New system with various options simturn® H2
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