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simturn AX: Optimierte Ausdrehwerkzeuge!

simturn AX: Improved boring inserts.

New boring inserts for improved chips evacuation in bores with restricted space.

Dateiname: simturn_AX_Spannut.pdf
File type: Adobe Acrobat PDF
File size: 729.1 KB

Mehrkantfräsen simcut M6

Polygon Milling simcut M6

Tight radial runout tolerance, easy-to-use, low net price per ground cutting edge.

Dateiname: 2018-06-simcut-M6-DE-EN-Kat.pdf
File type: Adobe Acrobat PDF
File size: 993.13 KB

Ausdrehen ins Volle und Ausdrehen bestehender Bohrungen!

Boring in full material and boring in existing bores!

New product extension for maching of bores in full material as well as for boring applications in existing bores.

Dateiname: 2018-06-simturn-AX-DB-DE-EN-Kat.pdf
File type: Adobe Acrobat PDF
File size: 1.03 MB

Nut- und Trennfräsen simmill H2

Groove milling simmill H2

Active and easy-to-use clamping system for 3.6 times higher cutting depths and high process reliability

Dateiname: 2018-06-simmill-H2-DE-EN-Kat.pdf
File type: Adobe Acrobat PDF
File size: 1.47 MB

simmill M4: Hohe Vorschübe und Stabilität

simmill M4: High feeds and stability

Slot milling system with three-edged cutting inserts and two-rowed disc-milling cutters or milling cutters. The grounded inserts and their optimized mounting position ensure a precise radial and axial runout.

Dateiname: 2018-06-simmill-M4-DE-EN-Kat.pdf
File type: Adobe Acrobat PDF
File size: 1.75 MB

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